Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Dipping a Toe into the Methane

So – I write SF. I have no need for Web Sites and Blogs, for Facebooks or Twitters - I write for fun. I’ll never be published. I’ll never need a web presence…
...or so my thinking went prior to May 2007.
Sure, I’d had the odd humorous travel piece appear in magazines – even had a short piece of angst-ridden prose that went out over the air waves courtesy of the BBC in the eighties.
But I was always a dabbler.
But then I started listening to podcasts – anything I could get on my ipod that was free.
I found Escape Pod: Science Fiction. Fantasy. The stuff I used to read in my teens. The good stuff.
And the stuff’s still good.
SF is back! It’s struggling up from its knees and hobbling, I’ll grant you that, but it’s back and it’s way cool, and Steve Ely is the guy who, for me, was standing at the end of the dark tunnel waving the torch.
I went back to my first love. I began to write SF. I began to collect rejection slips.
Then, in May 2007, I won the Jim Baen Writing Contest!
This blog is about me and my writing. It's an internal dialogue about the changes that were started by Escape Pod, honed by Baen's Universe, and have since pushed me on to write the stuff I want to write. It's scary stuff. Dreams really can happen.
You are most welcome to join me for the ride.

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