Saturday, 7 February 2009

Vintage Radio

I am about to make my broadcasting debut!

Vintage Radio is a community station (87.7FM if you're living in the Merseyside area) and they will be airing one of my non-sf stories, called Dancing Sailors, on Sunday 1st March, between 4.00 and 5.00 pm.

Now here's the thing - and this is where the comedy starts - the story is written in first person about a group of American sailors during the Spanish-American war. So it needs an American accent. Anything else will sound, well, silly.

So I have been practicing.

Here's what I have learned: I will never be an actor.

This is a great shame, because I'm rather proud of the story, (it came second at the 2007 Winchester Writer's Conference) and I really want to give it the best shot I can.

I recorded my first efforts on my handy little Olympus digital voice recorder. In my head I heard Kevin Costner. When I played it back I was kind of surprised to hear Ricky Tomlinson sounding like he'd suffered a glancing head injury from a passing 82c bus.

Oh dear.

1 comment:

Jon M said...

I hate the sound of my voice too Mike. I always say @Lilly Savage on helium!"

I'll listen out for the story!