Saturday, 29 September 2012


I'm down in Brighton right now, enjoying my first visit to Fantasycon. It's all very exciting, especiallyThursday night when those of us staying at the Queens Hotel were rousted out of bed at 3AM by the fire alarm. Its a bit nippy in late September on Brighton prom in the early hours, but the hotel staff were good, they have obviously drilled for this, and they moved us into the Foyer of the Thistle, next door, to keep us warm and out of the way. It seems there was sparking from a small convenience store next door, nothing too dangerous. Last night, though, I slept with my coat and shoes by the door, just in case.

It's a terrific view from the bedroom window, and we share it with some of the local seagulls as you can see below. We watched this one for hours, taunting it through the double glazing with biscuits. It was payback for its Cornish cousin who mugged Sarah for a pasty in the summer. There again, maybe he knows where I've parked the car. Eek!

Went to some good panels yesterday, especially one on the benefits or otherwise of blogging. It reminded me I haven't done anything here for a while hence the mindless waffle about seagulls. The consensus was that book review blogs are valuable, while author blogs tend to be read by very few. I don't do reviews because, when I'm writing I don't read much fiction. Too dangerous; too much risk of accidental plagiarism. So this is an author blog with nothing of substance. Can't even talk about this week's exiting new story sale because I haven't had the contract yet.
So there you go. 250 words about nothing - because I want to get back to the fiction. I have a whodunit (with robots) on the go right now, and I'm loving it!

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