Monday, 5 November 2012

Mjke Wood: Web Meister

After much fiddling and faffing about I now have a website. It has been a long haul. The initial setup was easy and I thought I'd have something up and running in less than a week. But then the old demon, procrastination, set in. For two months I've been tweaking and dithering over the finer details but at last the final product is out there for all to see. All I need now is some traffic. I'm not expecting a lot.

Anyway, you will find my new online presence at:

>>As a post script, it has taken Mjke the Web Meister five attempts over the course of several hours just to get the actual words of this post to be half way readable. I'm afraid I am not destined for a geek job in Palo Alto any time soon. Does anyone know of an opening for a quill pen sharpener or a ledger binder?

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